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Are you an aspiring singer-songwriter looking to take your craft to the next level? Join us for an immersive and enriching experience in our Singer/Songwriter Workshops! Our workshop follows the time-honored tradition of a "masterclass," akin to those often seen in classical music. In this unique setting, experienced singer-songwriter, I will collaborate with select students, right before the eyes of a captivated audience.

Our Singer/Songwriter Workshop is a unique and collaborative experience that fosters growth, creativity, and a deeper understanding of the art of songwriting. Whether you're a seasoned songwriter or just starting your musical journey, this workshop is designed to elevate your skills and take your songs to the next level.


Don't miss this chance to refine your craft and share your music with an appreciative audience. Join us and let the magic of music unfold before your eyes.



1. Songwriting Expertise: Our workshop focuses on the art of songwriting. If you're a qualified student who has submitted your self-written songs in advance, be prepared for a deep dive into the creative process. I will project your song's lyrics on a screen for all to see and provide valuable insights and feedback.


2. Interactive Learning: As an active participant, you'll perform your song, and I will intervene when necessary. Interruptions usually fall into two categories:

-    Improving Songwriting: If your song's lyrics or structure need refining, I will work with you on aspects such as alliteration, vivid word choices, avoiding clichés, effective use of repetition, enhancing emotional resonance, and song structure.

-    Enhancing Performance: If your lyrics need better phrasing for a more impactful performance, I will guide you in context. You may accompanying yourself, have a friend accompany you or have me do it with piano or guitar.


3. Audience Engagement: Our workshop isn't just for active participants. As a passive observer, you'll also benefit from the masterclass experience. You'll witness firsthand the transformation of songs and gain valuable insights into the creative process.


4. Q&A Session: Have burning questions about songwriting, performance, or the music industry? Feel free to ask! I welcome questions from both active and passive participants, making the workshop an interactive and engaging experience for all.


5. Practice and Performance: After the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to practice your improved song on your own. We conclude with a special performance recital event, where you'll have the chance to showcase what you've learned to invited guests.

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